Why it is So Difficult for China and the World Leaders to Understand this Practical concept.

Just woke up and doing my same stuff which i was doing since many years,
expressing my Tibetan pain, sorrow and happiness to the world.

Here is my favorite words, dear freedom loving friends another day and always beautiful day if we are positive and ready to take action to step up to the positive world.

It doesn’t matter whether i’m in good mood or bad, i love to write this beautiful words in facebook because this is the only words who inspired me to step forward.

You know very well, we are same human being and every one has same desire to become happy person.
i don’t believe when people say i’m always positive.
as i wrote before, we have 8,40,000 negative mind and we always thinking everyday in our life. so naturally we are bound of this negative mind but here is the good news, we also have same potential to reduce our negative mind and convert to the positive. So isn’t that interesting.

I don’t care people read my post or not, people tease me or praise me. i really don’t mind.

i want to become a same human being who has same feelings like you.
I love to share my human feelings in facebook. because it helps me to open up myself and easy to connect who has same human feelings like me.

Unfortunately Communist China didn’t understand the nature of impermanence. It doesn’t matter what ever we do today. it is changing every single day and it has to change for the better world because we are in global community and we all are connected to each other in one world and one dream that is, we all need happiness in our life.

So why it is so difficult for China and world leaders to understand this practical concept.

Let me repeat this same words  FREE TIBET! for  WORLD PEACE!

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