My Refugee Plastic Plate was My Frisbee

Dear world, I grew up in refugee family but i’m so blessed that  i experienced different kinds of human life, as saying goes that experience anything is good for your life, later its easy for us to choose our destination. I remember when i was in 3 rd grade my school bag pack has one big hole and from that hole you can see one red color plastic plate, that means in Tibetan school during lunch time,  they are giving us yellow rice for lunch, we tibetan used to call (Day Serpo) so every kids has to bring plate from their house. Here is the interesting part,  my plate was not only for eating rice, It was also useful for playing, Here in New York American used to play Frisbee in central park and my Frisbee was my red plastic plate. I can eat lunch on my plate  and when i  was on the  ground,  i use my plate as a Frisbee. Hahahaha! isn’t that interesting.

I was one of the crazy student of  soccer, i love soccer but it was kind of  hard for us to play with real soccer ball, That time  most of my friends can’t afford it. So we collect all the dirty shocks and Tshirts and tight up with string sometimes jute rope and make it round and  kick it like a ball. we play everyday and enjoyed our life with smile and dedication.  As saying goes that if your body, speech and mind is focus on one direction, people can enjoy everything,  during that time  most refugee kids has nothing  but we enjoyed a lot, we laugh a lot we are so friendly and all neighborhood house door was open for every kids.

Later i  love to become a  guitarist but  unfortunately  its hard to buy a guitar i can’t afford it and my late illiterate mother hate the guitar,  she had different perspective of guitar, those who played guitar  she considered  they are drug addicted,   they are spoiled kids, so there is no way  so i can learn guitar.  So later  i realized that if you want something  you  doesn’t have to be rich. just focus on  your goal and  work hard to get it. Later i  had learned  how to play guitar at the same time my desire was growing  i want  to buy a Gibson guitar which was very popular and  expensive guitar on that time. Life  goes by but i couldn’t forget my desire.

When i came first time in America  i saved my first 2 months pay check   just to buy a guitar.  i just want to fulfill my  thirsty desire and i bought it from Guitar center and played whole night and slept with my guitar, that was awesome night for me. i enjoyed more than sleeping with women.  But other side  i realized  that   our  commercial Media,  big business company, they brian washed our innocent brain. our greed is growing every single day in materialistic world and forgetting our real practical world.

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