Tashi Delek! My dear freedom loving friends,  let me share my story.
 When i was kid my parents told me the story about their life in Tibet. My parents said they were born in a rich family in Tibet and they didn’t have to worry about a job to survive. My dad said, they had thousand of yaks, goat and sheep which was enough to take care of our family and of course our coming generation.
 These animals produced tons of organic butter, milk cheese and keep our environment clean and fresh and not only that, our grand grand parent left enough gold, jewels and land to support our family and for the coming generation.
but after communist China invaded Tibet in 1959, everything was looted by the communist and my parent left everything behind and fled to India, followed His Holiness the Dalai lama with other tibetans.
This is how my story started in exile. My generation born in India as a refugees. Time goes by, but painful memories remain inside of my heart. It doesn’t matter how kind or peaceful we tibetans are, once you have a REFUGEE status, it is extremely hard to become a peaceful person because every where, we have to face unnecessary challenges in exile. I experienced that sometimes  people treat us like an animals, they have no idea how much pain going through in our mind.
As a human being, we  all have same dream like other people in this world, we all have same desire to become successful person in this world and at the same time  we all love to spend rest of the life with our parent, family and with our friends, unfortunately our tibetan dream was destroyed by the communist party.
Now the question is to whom should i blame, Chinese government, Chinese  people or their ignorant mind! His Holiness the Dalai Lama repeated million times during his teaching, he always said.  Our diluted mind creates all these suffering in the whole world because we human keep forgetting COMPASSIONATE heart to the others. we  usually  focused more in external world  rather than inner world. So this is one reason, it is really hard for me to control my anger, hatred towards Chinese government.
Frankly speaking, As being an ordinary person, It is really hard to tolerate  what communist China are doing inside Tibet right now.  instead of understanding our wisdom, They treated us like an Allien and destroying our rich culture and environment since 1959. Some writers expressed their views that “Tibet one of the most beautiful country  which people used to call Shangri-La now  turned into Hell, WE BECAME A STRANGER IN OUR OWN COUNTRY”.
So under the critical time of Tibet situation, our Tibetan culture, which is connected to our Tibetan buddhism, helps me a lot to think in a holistic dimension to reduce my EGO, ANGER, JEALOUSY and HATRED to the Chinese people and others.. Neither i’m a monk nor serious buddhist practioner still then i’m able to learn, practice  and cultivate our spiritual understanding to make my life peaceful and calm. This buddhist mind technic is unbelievable and changed my whole life.  Personally, I’m so blessed and proud to being a Tibetan.
 We tibetan in exile is like a nomad, here is the another story.  I’ve been living in the United States for just over ten years now. There has been a lot to get used to, But the one thing I have been most surprised by is what limited understanding there is about Tibet.
  • Most people have seen His Holiness the Dalai Lama, you’ve seen “Free Tibet” bumper stickers and “Save Tibet” t-shirts, but do you really know WHY Tibet needs to be saved?
  • All you have to do is turn on the news to see how much suffering there is in our world. Our Tibetan culture is based on compassion, wisdom and true understanding that we are all interconnected. I believe Our Tibetan buddhist wisdom could help ease, the suffering in our world. And its THAT wisdom and culture that needs to be saved.

  • Lhaksam is of only a handful Tibetan film maker in exile. He is an editor, photographer and physical training instructor. Lhaksam was born into a refugee family in Darjeeling, India. His parents were from Amdo, Tibet.  In 2004 he made his first film with a group of friends. NEW YORK MARE MIYOK REY was a short, low budget- production. It showed Tibetan life in New York City with a message directed to the younger Tibetan generation, focusing on the importance of a modern education and professional skills. The film was a big hit in Tibetan communities. It also ignited Lhaksam’s passion for filmmaking.
  • In 2008 he entered the New York Film Academy, paying tuition out of his own pocked without any financial support. Community Service has always been an important aspect of Lhaksam’s life. For two years, he served as the Cultural Secretary of the Regional Tibetan Youth Congress of NY/NJ. He was then elected as the President of the Parents Association of NY/NJ. By 2008, Lhaksam had financed, shot and produced his own documentary, NEVER GIVE UP and Torture without Trace, Lhaksam has filmed many major news events including visits of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the Kalon Tripa (Prime Minister) Debate, His work has appeared across the United States as well as world wide on NBC, Reuters and Voice of America.