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There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophy, our own brain, our own heart is our temple, my philosophy is kindness -Dalai Lama

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Check out my future projects and the films i am currently working on. My projects are mainly based on Tibet & its people.

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Come see my work. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated. I am one man team and would love to share brains out here.

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Who I Am

LHAKSAM means altruism, a concern for the welfare of others. Some call it the “golden rule of ethics”. I believe it is the only way to a peaceful life.

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I am open to working with amazing talented people like you. If you are interested, Lhaksam welcomes you with open arms.

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Wake Up Western World!

  • October 11, 2014

                Good morning dear human being, This morning,











What Others Say

Keep up your excellent work, you have a growing audience, all these spirits are here to help you, if you only knew the signs from each one of them is all around, love to work together with you, it is hard to focus; but as soon as something comes; lets do it, for the sake of all the victims, your heart is there so are many others…
Pamela, Well Wisher
Very well directed and very well acted, very moving.Keep it up. would love a full lenght movie one day from you.
Karma Bhutia
I cried. It touched me. Well done Lhaksam lak.
Dhundup Lhamo